Welcome to Castellinaldo d’Alba, Roero

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This is the Roero

A historical region of Piedmont, situated above the Tanaro River. Roero, from the family of the same name that has dominated this area since the Middle Ages.

Roero is in the province of Cuneo and borders the province of Asti to the east and the province of Turin to the north.

Map of Roero in Piedmont
Castellinaldo d'Alba - Roero

Welcome to Castellinaldo d’Alba

An ancient village of Roman origin, perched on the hills that divide the river from the valley floor, all around the castle built around the 10th century.

Today the valleys are no longer subject to raids and ambushes. Today, Castellinaldo is a town thriving in agriculture, mainly in the tradition of winemaking. Here we find peasants singing among the vines, children playing carefree in farm yards, women preparing food.

Centuries of winemaking tradition have led to the great wines of this land such as Nebbiolo, Roero, Roero Arneis, Favorita, Barbera and others.


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