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Visit and Tasting

A guided tour to learn about our farm and discover how we make wine

Cascina del Pozzo Winery - Castellinaldo d'Alba (Cuneo)

The visit

Upon your arrival you will be greeted by one of our family members who will take care of you and your fellow travelers.

The visit will begin in the winemaking cellar where it will be explained in detail how the process of making our red, white and rosé wines takes place.

Starting with the arrival of grapes from the nearly four-quintal binks that are emptied into the maceration pit. The various work such as crushing, destemming, draining, pressing or pressing. Lots of information will be presented appreciable by both those who do not know much about wine and the more experienced.




wines for tasting


environments visited

The tasting

Each label produced by Cascina del Pozzo has its own distinct history.

Vineyard and grape characteristics, winemaking method, aging, and special anecdotes will enrich the wayfarer’s knowledge in tasting the wines offered, from whites to reds and then rosés.

Wine tasting is accompanied by local products paired with the proposed bottles. In this way your experience

The tasting will be accompanied by area products available according to the season.

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Stephen Marchisio

Stephen Marchisio

+39 329 124 2885

Lorenzo Marchisio

Lorenzo Marchisio

+39 388 448 6592

Gabriele Marchisio

Gabriele Marchisio

+39 334 727 7996

Lorenzo Marchisio Cascina del Pozzo
To Lorenzo

What is wine to you?

Wine for me is the master of time because through nature it teaches us to wait for its fruits.

Gift card

It is possible to purchase a gift card for your friend, relative or acquaintance.

The gift card is a great gift for any person who might appreciate a visit to a farming reality such as Cascina del Pozzo.

In addition to wine tasting, accompanied with salami, cheese, breadsticks and hazelnuts, the tour will detail the various stages of wine production.


Some shots of the family

Flavio, Vilma, Gianmario and Filomena, Stefano and Sara, Lorenzo, Gabriele and Lucrezia, and Michele and Giulia. Then Iccio, Bel and Bobo.


“The quality of the grapes comes from the care one gives to the vineyard, with the right production, not exaggerating, with the quintals, so you bring home good grapes. You see those nebbiolos up here…we thin out…you take off the extra bunches. There’s a choice in early July-mid July you leave 7 to 8 bunches per plant and then the bunch that’s left is stronger, with more energy, generating more color, more structure, more alcohol.”



“We bring the grapes home in the binks, which are chests that weigh about 3 1/2 quintals, so the grapes arrive whole, so that we have optimal winemaking.”


the berry

“The berry on the favorita is very large, contains more water and you get a lighter product. On the arneis, on the other hand, the cluster is smaller, the berry is smaller and therefore contains less water and remains a little more structured and full-bodied.”



“This is a plant that unfortunately because of the drought this year is drying out, the grapes didn’t ripen, they stayed small, so they don’t have an acceptable sugar level so we leave them on the plant. If you harvested by machine it would all go into the cauldron. By harvesting by hand you have a sorting of the grapes. If there is the bunch you don’t like, you throw it away. The machine can’t make the choice that the person makes.”


Our wines

Every year a new adventure awaits us

Come visit us at Cascina del Pozzo, in Castellinaldo d’Alba (CN). We will welcome you as if you were at home.

  • Roero, Roero Arneis, Barbera, Nebbiolo and many other quality wines.
  • Tours and tastings
  • Territory rich in history and curiosities
  • Events and demonstrations
  • Relaxation and sports
Marchisio Family Cascina del Pozzo Castellinaldo d'Alba (CN)


Some reviews

Thanks to everyone who wanted to leave a comment, opinion or compliment to our winery

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Francesca Whalen
Francesca Whalen
I had the pleasure of trying the family wines at the Truffle festival. The hosts were very kind and the wine was excellent especially the Roero Riserva. Excellent wine at an excellent price!
Marc Leemans
Marc Leemans
What a wonderfull discovery ! Visit this winery, you will not be dissapointed. Family run, some of the most excellent Roero wines. All for reasonable/affordable prices. The family is so nice and take their time to give all the information you need. Tasting was free and without reservation. Alot of respect and gratefull thank you to Lorenzo for guiding us, regard to all the family from myself and my wife. When we return to the region next year, we’ll definately re-visit !
tymon ferenc de laat
tymon ferenc de laat
After visiting several vineyards and ( sometimes over priced) winetastings around the Langhe area we accidentally stumbled across the winery Cascina del Pozzo. What a refreshing and welcoming experience. Gabriel took the time to explain his methods and let us taste over 9 wines free of charge. The Favorita and Chardonnay 2016 were abslotule winners aswell as their Barbaresco. A must visit if you would like to meet a real passionate and well balanced winemaker. We will come back here one day for sure.
maurizio sacco
maurizio sacco
Dove la tradizione e l'eccellenza si incontrano in una location incantevole, il tutto accompagnato dalla simpatica e piacevole compagnia dei proprietari che sanno metterti a proprio agio in maniera naturale. Ma se per caso non ci riuscissero sicuramente i loro vini colmerebbero ogni tipo di richiesta. La prova del nove dopo averne bevuti in quantità il risveglio senza mal di testa a confermare la naturalezza dei vini
Eddy “Edso”
Eddy “Edso”
Super sympathieke ontvangst. Lekkere wijndegustatie met bijhorend hapjes én het verhaal van deze familie en hun topwijnen. Dank Lorenzo, en zeker tot ziens! Ciao
Jeroen Huijg
Jeroen Huijg
Very friendly people at this family winery! We just wanted to buy some wine at a random local winery, we came here unannounced and they immediately prepared an extensive tasting for us. A lot of different nice (and reasonably priced) wines!
Gianluca Morino
Gianluca Morino
Amazing wines and cellar
Robert Wahlen
Robert Wahlen
Were nice vineyard, great hospitality, wine tasting and excellent wines. We had a great time when we were visiting Cascina del Pozza and are now looking forward to try the wines at home.